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About Western EHS


Western EHS Service, Inc. is a professional consulting firm that specializes in providing on-site environmental health and safety compliance services to automotive related businesses.

Today, businesses must contend with a confusing maze of federal laws, state regulations, district rules, city and county ordinances. These complex, and often contradictory, regulatory requirements have become so burdensome that few small businesses are able to maintain compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations without assistance.

Western’s staff of professionals provides a complete range of environmental health and safety compliance services, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core enterprise. Western provides a cost-effective, single-source solution for virtually every environmental, health and safety need.

In recognizing the need to provide competent, long-term environmental, health and safety compliance assistance, Western has developed an Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Program specifically designed for automotive related businesses. The Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Program includes the following items:

Environmental Compliance.
Hazardous Waste Management.
Hazardous Waste Management Cost Recovery Program.
Storage Tank Management.
Hazardous Material Management Planning.
Air Quality Management District Regulation Compliance.
Waste Water Management.
Proposition 65 Compliance.

Health and Safety Compliance.
Injury and Illness Prevention Program.
Workers Compensation Insurance, Loss Control Service.
Emergency Response Plan.
Hazard Communication Program.
Personal Protection Equipment Program.
Respiratory Protection Program.

In addition to the above-mentioned on-site services, additional assistance is available. Our clients are provided with unlimited telephone access to Western EHS Service, Inc.’s engineering staff and receives “Western News”, a periodic newsletter on emerging environmental, and health and safety issues and receives “Safety Topic of the Month”, a monthly employee safety training program.


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